The Best Under Eye Cream - What Does Dr Oz Recommend?

Are you struggling with unattractive bags and circles under your eyes? If so, you are certainly not alone. Is there anything you can do about this unsightly condition? If you were to get the advice of Dr. Oz, he would suggest you use an under eye cream. But, there are so many eye cream products on the market that it is difficult to decide. It helps to first examine the causes of under eye wrinkles, bags and other unattractive skin deterioration.

There are several factors that contribute to aging around your eyes. Sun exposure is at the top of the list. The ultraviolet rays are so very harmful to our skin. Cigarette smoking is quite damaging to our skin, as it is to every part of our physical health. The skin on your hands, of course,will show yellowing and wrinkling. But, facially, women are greatly impacted by cigarette smoking. Wrinkles around the mouth are paramount, and overall aging of the skin is heightened in an accelerated fashion.

\"eye Wrinkles\"

The deterioration of the ozone layer has further heightened the aging effects of sun exposure. Air pollution exposes our skin to other harmful chemical influences that we don't even realize and may not fully understand. Stress contributes to wrinkles in a mighty way! Just look at someone who has experienced a great deal of stress and trauma and notice the effects upon their skin. People age very quickly in many ways when under stress.

The Best Under Eye Cream - What Does Dr Oz Recommend?

The damage of all of these causes is rooted in the principle of free radicals. When skin cells are deteriorating through the oxidation of free radicals, collagen is destroyed. Collagen is what supports the skin structure. It has a type of make-up that involves a high degree of tensile strength. Its presence is what keeps the skin from sagging in.

The aging process prevents the formation of collagen by the skin cells, so we experience that sagging skin we associate with older people. As the skin around the eyes sags, we experience wrinkling also. The most effective way to combat under eye wrinkles is the use of antioxidants.

Dr. Oz recommends Dermapril as the best under eye cream. It is totally natural, so there is no concern with harsh chemicals. It encourages the smoother blood flow through the skin and improved collage distribution in the tissues. You also experience a lightening of the skin through the use of this product of at least three shades.

The Best Under Eye Cream - What Does Dr Oz Recommend?


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